Health Lab opening in Berlin - a creative lab for the health industry

Health Lab Berlin

The first IBM Health Industry Lab has been created at the Berlin IBM iX location. From now on, players from the health sector will come together in the interactive, specially designed rooms to exchange ideas, network and work together on innovative solutions. Technologies for the sustainable and responsible digitisation of the healthcare sector will also be created here.

Berlin, 06.10.2022: Helping to shape the future of digital health – that is the goal of the IBM Health Industry Lab, which opened its doors for the first time on October 6th. An inspiring working environment has been created on the 4th floor of the Lokfabrik in Berlin’s iX Studio that brings the pioneering work of IBM Health to life. From now on, experts from different disciplines will come together to further develop the healthcare sector with technological innovations and get it fit for the future. The sophisticated interior design was developed by iX designers.


“Digitisation in the healthcare sector must become tangible and have a clear focus on the user. With the IBM Health Industry Lab, we have created a place for exactly this purpose”
Katina Sostmann
Design Principal Health and Executive Creative Director at IBM iX

A platform with room for creativity

The IBM Health Industry Lab is an interactive creative centre to make the digital applications in the health sector more accessible. Players from various disciplines – from insurers and platform operators to software developers and AI experts – come together to exchange views on current trends, challenges and new technologies in the healthcare sector and to work together on innovative solutions.

Shaping the future of health together

Smart digital applications are created through professional exchange – tailored to the needs of the users. The focus of the collaboration is on quickly accessible, marketable digital care and service offerings that offer clear added value and simplify processes within the healthcare industry. IBM Consulting has already developed numerous digital health products – including the electronic patient record (ePA), the e-prescription and the digital vaccination certificate (CovPass) – and is presenting the corresponding technologies at the new think tank.

Bringing technology closer through emotional visualisation

Technology should serve people, not the other way around. Based on this understanding, solutions need to be developed in the new creative lab that already work today and that are scalable for the future. In order to spatially represent the diversity and potential of the fields of action and thus make them tangible, the iX design team has developed a modern, lively visual world that thrives on colour and light. The extensive portfolio of IBM Health is reflected in the wall design. The result is an interactive space that inspires and stimulates creative thinking.


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