ALLES.AUTO launches its new e-commerce platform together with IBM iX

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In just ten months, IBM iX and ALLES.AUTO have developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that will contribute significantly to the digitisation of the automotive industry. The user-centric platform offers comprehensive service for dealers and customers, making buying and selling cars easier and more convenient than ever before.

Berlin, 02.05.2023 – With the launch of the digital marketplace, ALLES.AUTO, new opportunities arise for end consumers and the e-commerce sector as a whole in the automotive industry. The platform provides a comprehensive experience for all aspects of car sales and purchases, as well as the search for the right accessories, workshop availability, and more. All services provided by stationary automotive e-commerce have been translated into the digital realm and are now consolidated in a central location. IBM iX, the digital agency, has been selected as the partner for branding, customer experience, and overall development of the ALLES.AUTO platform.

Digital one-stop shop

ALLES.AUTO is a cross-brand one-stop shop that brings together car sales and purchases, accessories, and comprehensive service offerings on a single platform – connecting end customers and auto dealers. Additionally, auto dealers have the option to integrate the technology as a white-label solution onto their website, customising it to their corporate identity. The ALLES.AUTO AG was established as a joint venture by well-known automotive industry groups in late October 2022.

IBM iX as an expert for digital platform solutions

Since winning the pitch in September 2021, IBM iX has played a pivotal role in developing the brand strategy, design, and B2C communication strategy for the platform. With the comprehensive technical guidance of IBM iX and based on a first prototype, a fully digital product for the automotive industry has been brought to life.

Patrick Mayer, CEO of ALLES.AUTO, comments: “We are delighted to have collaborated with IBM iX, an experienced partner for the implementation of our innovative platform. With their extensive expertise in building e-commerce platforms, we have created an end-to-end solution that will significantly contribute to the digitisation of the automotive industry.”

Collaboration with IBM iX

IBM iX also assumed responsibility for the entire quality assurance process, as well as the integration of analytics and tracking. Additionally, the digital agency provided support in creating initial SEO concepts and content for the platform before its launch, working closely with ALLES.AUTO partners mediawave and other service providers.

Volker Kirschner-Kross, Business Owner at IBM iX, comments on the successful implementation: “In just 10 months, we have developed a completely new and fully functional e-commerce platform in an agile setup. From conception to implementation, we worked closely with the ALLES.AUTO team and its business partners throughout the entire process.”

Consistent user-centricity

With a strong emphasis on user-centered design, the platform was developed with the needs of the automotive industry and end-users in mind. To ensure acceptance by potential end-consumers, extensive testing has been conducted. Prior to its launch, thorough testing and research were carried out in collaboration with Kantar. A research community provided iterative feedback on product development, and the results will be incorporated into further development stages of the digital service platform.

Check out the ALLES.AUTO Platform here.

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