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Author: Christian Handel

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In an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, delivering tailored customer experiences across all digital touchpoints has become a key strategic objective for businesses. IBM iX is a Sitecore Platinum Partner, and together with the leading provider of an end-to-end modular digital experience platform, ensures an optimised customer journey across all digital channels.

Berlin, 07.12.2022 – In the highly dynamic business environment, it is increasingly important for companies to provide customers with tailored, personalised experiences across all channels to remain competitive. IBM iX has been a Sitecore Platinum Partner in the DACH region since 2007 and provides exceptional user experiences in enterprise projects. IBM iX has already won several Sitecore Experience Awards for its outstanding work for clients including Alnatura, Düsseldorf Airport, apetito AG and Österreichische Post.

Modular architecture for more flexibility

Sitecore is a modular or composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP), consisting of many powerful SaaS platforms such as XM Cloud, Customer Data Platform (CDP), Personalize, Order Cloud and Content Hub. Sitecore focuses on a future-proof approach driven by a MACH architecture. It is based on the belief that businesses need a high level of control and flexibility to meet the needs of their customers today and in the future. MACH’s technology principles – microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless – form the foundation for new, contemporary technology platforms. At the same time, each component is modular, interchangeable, high-performing, and scalable, making this solution extremely flexible and powerful. In addition, companies can very easily integrate Sitecore solutions into their existing digital ecosystems.

Personalising customer experiences

One of the latest products IBM iX is using is “Sitecore CDP & Personalize” – a customer data platform where all relevant customer data from across the enterprise can be collected and managed to create a 360-degree view of the customer experience. It enables silos to be broken down, data to be organised centrally, and can pass processed and aggregated data to any other system within an organisation to deliver real-time customer insights. This in turn enables companies to create personalised customer experiences in marketing, e-commerce, advertising, or customer service. The underlying intelligent decision-making framework uses aggregated customer data, machine learning and data from any interface to deliver one-to-one personalisation to end users across multiple channels.

Diagram showing the data journey from client through to customer

Personalised Customer Journey with “Sitecore CDP & Personalize”

With this innovative Sitecore technology, IBM iX helps companies create personalised customer journeys and increase business value, conversion rates and revenue. A concrete, simulated application example for “Sitecore CDP & Personalize”, which offers users personalised recommendations, will be demonstrated using the job section of the IBM iX website. By highlighting only relevant, personalised information, the job search is simplified, and the user experience is improved.

IBM iX as the consulting and implementation partner of the future

With the help of Sitecore, small MVP scenarios can be set up quickly within a prototype and the success of measures can be measured – without major integrations. The iterative and agile approach allows for quick results and continuous enhancements. IBM iX is Sitecore Personalize & CDP certified and a central Platinum consulting and implementation partner.

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