New online presence with an improved donation process


Our team has been working for the Christian Blind Mission since 2014 and is a strategic partner for the NGO’s brand communication.

Fundraising first – using this strategic approach, Aperto has developed a new digital platform and a consistently optimised donation process for the Christian Blind Mission. In order to help blind and otherwise handicapped people all over the world, the NGO is dependent on support.

A clear onsite journey serves to engage visitors with current projects and enables new donors to be to activated.

The website is one of the most important channels for the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) to explain its work and gain support in the fight against blindness. The Aperto team developed a communication strategy, a new corporate design and a completely new website for the international aid organisation. Employing the strategic approach of “fundraising first”, the various donation opportunities were made as accessible as possible, with projects and information directly linked to the corresponding donation products.

With the new, the Christian Blind Mission presents itself as a modern and digital NGO.

As the digital lead agency of the aid organisation, Aperto was responsible for the concept and strategy, UX and UI design, as well as the frontend and backend development based on the Magnolia CMS. Aperto has also provided content and editorial services in addition to the SEO and hosting of the platform.

Ensure transparency to facilitate decision-making

The large number of CBM projects and the lack of differentiation between their donation products has made it difficult for users to maintain an overview and decide on a suitable product. It was therefore crucial that the new website be better structured, more compact and clearer – primarily to implement omni-channel, individualisation solutions that enable individual, data-driven and automated communication with the donors.

Tablet screen with the website of the Christian Blind Mission Little boy wearing measuring glasses, to determine the strength of vision

Convincing success stories

The goal: Every user should be able to find the donation project most moving to them, within two minutes. To achieve this, the navigation was greatly reduced and navigation elements relevant to the donation process were placed at the centre.

The motto: less is more. The content was considerably condensed and restructured, and ‘Hero’ donation projects were developed to represent the broad spectrum of activities. Focus is placed on the beneficiaries’ success stories that illustrate the work and effectiveness of the CBM in an engaging and emotional way.

Flexible, accessible and focused

Fast results with agile teamwork

Waterfall was yesterday. Close cooperation between the customer and the interdisciplinary team allowed the relaunch process to be continuously driven forward and change requests to be reacted to quickly and agilely.


Inclusion through accessibility

Auschnitt einer Erfolgsgeschichte der Christoffel-Blindenmission

The new CBM website is barrier-free. This not only promotes the social inclusion of people with visual impairments, but also other user groups, such as elderly users or people in developing countries who have different technical requirements. On the new CBM website, every user is able to easily navigate the site and read the content.


Navigation focused on the donation process

Verschiedene Smartphone-Screens, die den Spendenprozess anzeigen

A static website header ensures that central navigation elements, such as the donation button, are always accessible to the user. Content is listed comprehensively in the so-called hamburger menu for optimum clarity. The navigation concept is supplemented by teasers located on all pages, which offer the user meaningful follow-up actions and keep them on the page and engaged – a seamless system that guarantees users are guided into the donation funnel.

Better conversion through an optimised donation process

Through relevant donation offers and the simplified donation process, the onsite journey of the target groups is optimised effectively. An intuitive user experience (UX) and transparent design lead the user to the desired conversion points and give reassurance that their personal contribution is going to the right hands. In addition, the website provides specialised information, for example for teachers, communities and (political) experts.

In the course of the relaunch, a fundraising box was also set up to manage the donations to allow the Christian Blind Mission to further develop the connection with their donors.


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