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A single platform for a complex business – with 75% cost reduction for new brand and campaign sites.


For many Swiss people, the local retail giant Migros is much more than an ordinary supermarket: the Migros Group is deeply rooted in the Swiss identify.

However, in the digital area alone, Migros has so far not stood out enough due to a fragmented marketing ecosystem. When Migros approached Aperto – an IBM company to completely rethink the digital platform for their supermarket and company brand, it was initially a great challenge: the favourite Swiss brand also wanted to have a lasting effect on the digital lives of their customers and set themselves even further apart from the competition with a standardised digital offering.

An individualized customer experience as a competitive advantage

Migros is an integral part of the Swiss identity. Over 80% of Swiss households are members of “Cumulus”, the Migros loyalty programme. This creates an enormous amount of user data. Aperto wanted to use this wealth of data to create a seamless online experience thanks to personalised content. “My Migros” was intended to meet customers exactly where they were through personalised content, offers and services.

The very individual Migros experience – with you always and everywhere

If Migros plays such an important role in the lives of the Swiss, then the digital experience should also be available everywhere and tailored to every user. The Migros website combines the complex corporate landscape on a common, customer-oriented platform: it is visually consistent, highly adaptable, and therefore perfectly suited to personalised marketing. Reusable modules make the processes efficient and ensure a consistent Migros experience at all digital touchpoints. A global teaser pool enables synchronised messaging. Different data sources (CRM, in-store, contextual, web) ensure a personalised and localised experience.

Migros keeps its promise to always be relevant and close to the customer

If Migros plays such an important role in the lives of Swiss people, then the digital experience should also be available everywhere and tailored to all users.

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“Migros, with all its brands, products, event and stories, now fits into a handy format on smartphones, tablets and desktops. This is how we bring the brand back to the people and can offer added value – regardless of where the customer is at the moment.”

Philippe Stuker
Head of Digital Communications at Migros


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