Customer Data Platforms
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Dive into CDPs and explore their value to car manufacturers in a world where brand loyalty is less important to consumers than in the past.

Customer Data Platforms for the automotive industry

Customer Data Platforms are powerful when it comes to collecting, organizing, and managing customer data from various sources, such as websites, mobile apps, and CRM systems. Car manufacturers can use them to create a unified and comprehensive view of their customers, which can be used for marketing, personalization, and analytics.

When employed in the right way, they are efficient assets for targeting and activating consumers – and businesses – in a sustained way.

The best of two worlds

Gaining a holistic view of relevant data on both an account and consumer level is paramount to be able to optimize the added value that the data inherits. While CRMs can consolidate most customer data, they aren’t designed as tools that marketing experts can efficiently use for segmentation. This is the strong suit of Marketing Automation solutions, but these are designed to engage with a very limited number of touchpoints.

CDPs bridge the gap between CRM and MA tools and thus are perfectly suited to leverage customer data in ways that honor the ever-changing end user demands and expectations concerning mobility.

“CDPs can help making automotive brands more present in consumers’ minds”

CDPs for automotive brands
– a perfect match

Customer’s views of mobility and, in some way, their brand loyalty, have drastically changed in the past years. The desire to own and drive a car of a specific brand surely hasn’t completely faded, but for many consumers, mobility-as-a-service has become more important than brand affiliation. Thus, car manufacturers need to:

  • Reinvigorate their brands: It’s imperative to try and win over the customers with benefits that transcend the classical driving experience: Offering memorable, personalized in-vehicle digital experiences is one way to overtake the competition.
  • Reinvent experiences: Leveraging digital technologies to improve the end user and the employee experience is key to bring otherwise unattainable value to their brands.

CDPs are the solution for employing data-driven personalization and automation to create experiences that deliver value to both consumers, employees – and brands alike.

Gear up to lead the race


Successfully employing Customer Data Platforms comes with a diverse set of challenges – mastering them means to:

  • Analyze the status quo and the To Be state of your brand from both a business and a technology perspective.
  • Define use cases for, and capabilities and requirements of CDPs.
  • Define ways of working, roles and skills needed to operate the new platforms.
  • Design a solution and implement it with your existing tech stack.
  • Create and implement strategies and messaging for the rollout of the solution across your brand in different markets.

While CDPs are powerful solutions, using them to maximum effect for your business requires a broad range of skills and strategic planning. Co-creating a solution tailored to your needs with proven methodologies can supercharge how your brand leverages customer data today!

Work with our experts to start reinvigorating your brand today!

Inge Scheibel
Principal Solution Consultant, IBM iX Düsseldorf
Omar El Agrebi
Director Sales & Alliance + CDP Expert

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