The CovPass service: the ticket back to normality

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More freedom via QR code.


Digital ecosystem consisting of two native apps and an accompanying web presence.

When a pandemic had our world firmly in its grip, a quick solution was needed to get life back to normal. That’s why IBM partnered with Ubirch to develop a digital service for proving vaccination, testing, and recovery status.

In record time, we created a secure service for all citizens, doctors’ offices, vaccination centres, and pharmacies that is closely aligned with the benefits and needs of each user. The result is an easy-to-use ecosystem consisting of two native apps and a web application: the CovPass app, the CovPassCheck app, and the vaccination certificate service.

CovPass and CovPassCheck: The vaccination passport for your pocket

With the CovPass app, personal health data, such as vaccinations and recoveries, can be stored as privately as possible on one’s own smartphone. The QR code enables users to show the data tamper-proof with a smartphone. The CovPassCheck app is used to check the QR code. It can confirm health status securely and quickly. For both apps, simply scan the code!

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Just scan and be safe!

Just scan and be safe!

The CovPass app and CovPassCheck app are designed to work without additional hardware.
Both proof and verification of vaccination, recovery, and test certificates can be performed with just one click on commercially available smartphones. A digital signature reduces possible misuse. The result: With EU standards included from the ground up, travel in Europe was once again easy.

Office management scans CovPass App of employee

A digital ecosystem for Germany and the entire EU

The Vaccination Certificate Service provides a unified solution for a yet very heterogeneous landscape. Built on the existing IBM Health platform as well as Ubirch’s electronic health record and certificate signature infrastructure, the Immunization Certificate Service was up and running in just a few weeks. Together with the CovPass app and the CovPassCheck app, the vaccination certificate service forms a digital ecosystem.

Despite the high standards of security and great public attention, we have managed to provide a service that works throughout the EU in a short time. The first launch was only the starting signal for a continuous development that continues to this day.

Transparency as a leading principle


On the website the complete system was explained in a way that everyone could understand. In addition, we created manuals and instructions for employees in medical practices, vaccination centres, and pharmacies.

Have your say

Frontline communication: Through hotlines, app stores, and GitHub, citizens can engage with us every day.


Anyone and everyone could give feedback and share ideas in this open-source project. These were directly incorporated into the development of new functions and improvements, which contributed significantly to the acceptance of the apps.

CovPass-Check App woman airport man
Taking the digitization of healthcare for granted – with the CovPass app, this has become the norm for many people.


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