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A new, interactive campaign website combined with redesigned social media channels – focusing on users.


Raising young people’s awareness about alcohol-related harm is the goal of the campaign “Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit.” by the BZgA.

By relaunching the campaign website, IBM IX and the BZgA have set themselves the task of meeting target groups requirements and expectations while providing competent and compact information.

Understanding, reaching, and educating young people

How does the campaign reach the target group reliably and efficiently in their living environments? How can we show young people that we take them seriously while meeting their needs? These were our starting point questions that led us to the new website for the BZgA campaign “Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit.” To find the right answers, we created personas in consultation with the BZgA, defined a new tonality for social media and online platforms, and critically analysed the current digital marketing channels in terms of performance and target group relevance.

We are developing cutting-edge technology focused on the target groups and their needs

An extensive content audit initiated the conception of a new website and provided the basis for the search engine optimized redesign of the existing content. Based on the campaign’s CI and usability tests results, a team of UX and UI experts developed a new and modern look for the online platform. This is now also part in shaping the social media channels of the youth campaign “Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit.”

Tools and multimedia offerings increase interactivity

In addition to informative and compact knowledge content, interactive tools such as the “Drink Check” have also been integrated on the website. These are tailored to the needs of the target group and offer a simple way to learn more about a responsible use of alcohol. A clearly arranged media library with video and audio content as well as downloads for young people and multipliers complements the campaign’s new online offerings.

For the technical conversion to TYPO 3, IBM iX worked closely with dreistrom.land AG, as it has on numerous other projects in the public sector.

Focus on the users

During the conception phase of the relaunch and the accompanying user surveys, it became clear that young people ask for reliable information about alcohol that is relevant to their interests and personal life. This information should be quickly comprehensible and smartphone-friendly – presented in a modern, appealing design that is neither too colourful nor too gloomy.

Ready for the future

The new website of “Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit.” for young people provides content in a way that allows the target group to explore the topic by themselves, without being “lectured”. In combination with newly designed social media channels, the online platform offers diverse options for learning about the harmful use of alcohol and helps raising awareness for the dangers of the cytotoxic drug.

Less is more...

… could be a campaign slogan. But for us it was the motto of the design and content conception for the new website. The focus lies on a clear, reduced language of colour and a flat navigation hierarchy as well as shorter and more catchy content. New interactive tools allow users alternative entry points into the topic “alcohol”, that are just as easy to use on a smartphone as they are on a tablet or desktop.


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