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Discover the transformative powers of Web3 and learn how your company can benefit from entirely new approaches to consumer engagement and retention – starting today.

The path towards the next internet disruption

Fresh off the assembly line of the blockchain factory comes a new breed of opportunities that make use of Web3 – the next evolution of the internet. Web3 may revolutionize how consumers and car manufacturers interact and benefit from each other in a variety of ways.

While many businesses are currently focused on exploring different avenues, becoming a leader in the Web3 revolution can prove an invaluable advantage in the future.

The bodywork of Web3


At the heart of Web3 lie three core components, paving the way for revolutionary internet use cases.

  • Blockchain Technology: The key technology powering cryptocurrencies – and Web3. Blockchains are distributed ledgers that aim to be as decentralized, scalable, and secure at the same time.
  • Decentralized ownership: Blockchain technology allows individuals and companies to retain full control over their own data.
  • Tokenization: The tokenization of digital and real-world assets enables new business models, revenue streams and ways to interact with consumers.

Whereas Web1 was “read only”, Web2 brought with it user participation at scale – with data and application monopolies firmly in place. Due to its decentralized nature, Web3 does away with these monopolies and enables community driven projects as well as new incentive structures for participation.

“Web3 has the potential to disrupt the big platforms.”

Unlocking new business opportunities

Web3 opens up new product categories and enables businesses to interact with consumers in a more direct way.

New Revenue Streams

Metaverse Commerce and (decentralized) trading of virtual and in-game goods via NFTs creates new sub-economies.

Customer Retention and Success

Token-based loyalty programs and on-chain transparency facilitate revolutionary opportunities for targeting customers and evaluating their bahavior.

Customer Acquisition and Marketing

End users’ wallets can be used as a direct channel for outreach and marketing pushes, while generating real-time analytics data.

Web 3 also provides room for aligned incentives. Through tokenization, consumers can own and directly profit from digital assets provided by your company.

Gear up to lead the race!

The above show just a few of many examples for how Web3 can revolutionize consumer interactions. Certain Blockchain applications, NFTs and decentralized metaverses have already emerged as potentially disruptive components of a new internet revolution – but as innovation within the Web3 sector accelerates, it is hard to tell what it’s “killer application” will look like. Positioning your company for a successful Web3 future means:

  • Assessing the status quo, possible challenges and potentials with regards to Web3 for your business,
  • Carefully crafting a boardroom strategy to act as a guide during the Web3 transition,
  • Creating islands of innovation for fruitful Web3 experimentation & development,
  • Planning how to best implement Web3 into your company’s core business at scale.

Exploring the largely untapped potential of Web3 as early as possible is key – position your company as a Web3 leader and start crafting next-gen digital experiences today.

Work with our experts and outpace the competition on the road to Web3!

Isaac Larbi
Business Owner, IBM iX Berlin
Jérôme Biallet
Associate Director Business Design, IBM iX Berlin


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