Navigating the Future:
Reflections on CES 2024 and the Software Defined Car Revolution

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas proved to be an exhilarating experience, as we had the privilege of participating in the IBM representation of CES. As we return to Europe, it's time to reflect on the myriad learnings and observations gathered during this technology extrav(bon)aganza.

A Convergence of Industries

CES 2024 showcased the convergence of various industries, with major players in IT and automotive making their mark. The automotive industry, in particular, took center stage, with booths and exhibitions representing solutions for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the burgeoning theme of Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs).

(Gen)AI’s Ubiquitous Presence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as a pervasive force at CES, influencing not only the automotive sector but also making a significant impact across diverse industries. From Google’s exhibition on AI for everyone to healthcare solutions like virtual reality goggles for the elderly, CES underscored the growing role of (Gen)AI in shaping our future. For instance, many Automakers look to integrate Generative AI with their own in-vehicle voice assistants to make the conversation more natural and intuitive for their customers.

Colossal Hub for Exchange and Collaboration

CES provided a platform for participants to understand market trends, forge partnerships, and witness the unfolding of a technological revolution. The sheer scale of the event highlighted the dynamism and energy propelling theindustry forward.

A New Frontier for Software Defined Vehicle

For our IBM business, the focus was on the Software Defined Vehicle, and CES 2024 shed light on the evolving landscape. Traditional automotive companies face challenges in adopting shorter innovation cycles, decoupling components, and embracing modern software engineering practices. The imperative for carmakers is to collaborate extensively with software companies, cloud providers, and other experts to create a seamless end-to-end experience for customers.

Key Transformations in the Automotive Sector

Carmakers and suppliers must undergo transformative changes to remain competitive in the evolving market. The product of the future is not merely a vehicle; it is a connected customer experience embedded in sophisticated software platforms. Our Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) solutions are instrumental in driving three key transformations: reinventing the enterprise corporate IT, redefining product development, and rebuilding the product with scalable and flexible software architecture.

The Next Steps

As we leave Las Vegas, we carry with us a commitment to share the message of collaboration, innovation, and the transformation needed in the automotive industry. The future lies in building end-to-end experiences, from the cloud to the car, with a diverse ecosystem of software engineering partners and leveraging the century-old engineering excellence of carmaking.

The next significant event on the horizon is the Super Bowl. Drawing a parallel between football and the automotive industry, success comes to those who embrace new rules, adapt creatively, and pivot swiftly. Similarly the future automotive industry in Germany should be defined by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to mastering the new rules of the game.

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